Spiritual Mentoring/Direction

“The practice of Spiritual Direction has had a rather profound impact on my life. I have been encouraged to listen deeply for where the voice of God might be calling me. I am more attuned to the feeling of the Holy Spirit as it moves within me, encouraging me to become more my true self (the unique me I was created to be) and make life-giving, life-affirming choices.”

“Spiritual Direction has really helped me listen to the flow of my life. Before, it all seemed random and out-of-control, and now I see beyond al that. I have seen how to relax in life and really trust”.

I feel lighter, yet deeper. The bumps of life often make me smile now instead of groan. It’s really all about SEEING…”

‚Äč”I have been in Spiritual Direction now for 3 months and I can honestly say it is the best thing I ever decided to do….I am able to discuss challenges in my life which are put into perspective through my faith. I had gone to a counselor for years which certainly was helpful, but I must admit Spiritual Direction is keeping me more focused on what is truly important.”

“For me it has been care of the soul in my busy life. To sit with a person who has devoted most of her life to spiritual growth has awakened in me a whole new level of walking through this life”.

“Spiritual Direction has made me more attentive and aware to what is happening in life, and to the intimacy with God that has been there for me all this time. It is kind of a resting place in my often crazy life. I now see the movement of God in my life, and what that is all about”.

“With my Spiritual Director I feel safe to question, discuss, encounter ideas and explore prayer with someone else on the journey”.

“…I have gained valuable insight in my journey of faith.”

“Spiritual Direction helped awaken me to my true nature and encouraged me to embrace that identity with love”.

Life Maps Workshop

“The Life Map journey has been enlightening and renewing for me. The experience has been both healing and has allowed me to return to who I really am”.

“Susan did an excellent job facilitating our sessions…I liked the systematic approach and how the maps built on one another.”

“An excellent framework to review life’s journey to date and to begin creating what’s next. The Life Maps led me beautifully through a review process by asking probing and important questions. The information provided in each Life Map booklet will allow for further reflection and growth.”

“We are shaped by our stories and the stories of others, but most of us are too busy to stop and reflect on the life we are living…this work will guide you in the process of connecting God’s story with your own for a truly transformational experience”.

“In a world where no one has time to listen or reflect, we need tools to open our hearts and ears to more than a to-do list. This Life Maps work opens us up to discovering our hurts, motives, desires, direction and purpose in life”.

“This series is a wildly unique tool that helped me to take a look at my story in a way that produced spiritual growth and productive focus. “

Warrior Goddess

“This series exceeded my expectation. I really liked how it was structured and the small group environment made it easy to open up.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Susan. She is very patient and did a great job in explaining and instructing; is friendly, honest and participated in group discussions providing personal perspectives. Her level of knowledge was great.”

“I really enjoyed having new topic to cover with each session. I learned to slow down and really listen to my body and take the time I need to listen to my true self. The yoga was great! I really learned a lot about myself.”

“Susan has a very grounded, studied presence. It is very clear that she has a committed practice and seeks to gain wisdom at a deep level. This gives a lot of credibility to the work we did together. Susan also honored each member of the group with undivided attention.”

“Being a part of a circle of women was really amazing!”

“I learned to open my heart in difficult situations rather than to close down. I am more able to stay in the present moment after completing this series as well. Susan’s calm and genuine demeanor made it really easy to learn & share. Susan is very skilled”.

Sacred Circle of Women

“This series far exceeded my expectations! The combination of yoga, learning different yoga kriyas, different themes and deep conversation in a restful, soothing environment made it a anticipated and treasured time”.

“Susan created such a nurturing environment. There was a sweetness to it that I did not expect”.

“I love the breathwork and yoga. It’s so centering! This circle has helped me establish a regular practice in my life and for that I am so grateful!”.

“I so enjoy the deep connections with other women – it’s food for my soul!”

“Susan is the best. I’m grateful for her everyday! I was seeking a connection with other like-minded women. I found this and much more in the Sacred Circle! I was able to focus on internal issues and that sparked a major transformation in my life.”

“I feel a greater sense of belonging and realize that I am not on the journey alone”.

“I feel so inspired being a part of a circle of women. I find I have greater peace of mind and feel more comfortable not knowing my next steps or exactly where I am going”.

“This circle was a lovely oasis of peace in my very hectic life”.

“…..I find myself much calmer.”

“I came to a deeper understanding of the value of taking time away from all the distractions to look inward”.


“Susan and Mary complement each other very well. I was able to look at my fears and barriers I’m facing at this time in my life and learned so much from others in the group”.

“I loved the yoga and meditation practices combined with the deep reflection and sharing. This workshop exceeded my expectations!”.

“Loved going deeper with transition vs. transformation and how to thrive
in mid-life.”

“I found such safety and support in the group! I received many insights including seeing how the many threads in my life are woven together”.

“…the balance between talking about ideas of what really matters to the internal exploration was perfect”.

“Listening to others stories helped me to understand my own story”.

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